Online Management

We’ll take your product to the next level with our proven Direct to Consumer & Online Strategies.


Through years of experience at developing relationships, we’ve cultivated an excellent multi-channel retail network that will get your product on the shelves and in the consumer’s hands.

Product Licensing

We have taken many inventors & their products to success. We’ll get your consumer product through the necessary steps and out into the worldwide market. Find out how we can do this with no upfront fees.

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Optimize Your Consumer Product Results
Just like These Brands Have:

Product Counsel conducts a situational analysis of the Client & its Products and based on the Company’s goals, determines and recommends the best strategy forward. A DRTV Campaign can be managed to optimize direct to consumer results as well as Retail channels of distribution.

Product Counsel has worked on many brands & products including:

Rocket Fishing Rod

Moon Sand

Air Hogs Storm Launcher

Air Hogs Reflex Heli

Air Hogs Havoc Heli

Ready Bed

Bugville Live Butterfly Garden

Air Hogs Zero Gravity




Liv Doll

Aqua Sand

Air Hogs Vectron Wave

Mighty Beanz

Moon Dough

DQ Blizzard Maker

Glow Crazy


Power Treads

Curl Mi

Spin Balls

Magna Color

Razor Vapor Blaster

Kidz Bop



Kurio Tablets



Tek Recon

Wubble Ball

Rapid Ramen


Yvolution Y Fliker

Strand Bands

StoryTime Theatre

3D Magic – 3D Creation Maker

Pop Out Pets

Laser X


The Support You Need to Succeed

  • Strategy
  • Offer Development
  • Financial Modeling
  • Creative Development
  • Back End Set Up
  • Media Management
  • Social Media
  • Consumer Product Licensing
  • Analysis
  • International DRTV Management
  • 3rd Party Distribution
  • Product Licensing/Inventions
  • Product Development
  • Multi-Channel Distribution
  • Retail Channel Architecture

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