Product Counsel Creates Multi-Channel Successes!

Product Counsel’s mission is to help Inventors and Companies to successfully launch their Consumer Products with Honesty, Integrity, Passion and Care.

Product Counsel works with Consumer Product Companies to launch their products and brands with Direct To Consumer Marketing Strategies. Product Counsel has provided turnkey services to numerous small, medium and large sized Consumer Product Companies to help them become Direct to Consumer Marketers. Our goal is to help marketers turn their new products into long-term brands. Recent successes include Wubble Ball, LaserX, Pixicade and many more!

Product Counsel also works with inventors to help them either launch their products themselves or to help them to license their products to companies which will invest to market their innovation. Product Counsel has worked with numerous inventors to help them successfully bring their Products to market.

Product Counsel’s strategic approach is for the Product to ultimately graduate to the multi-channel marketplace including Online, Amazon, Home Shopping, Catalog, Live Demonstration, Specialty Retail and/or Mass Retail. Product Counsel also has a vast global network of International Distributors that will take on Rights for successful Consumer Products across all categories.

Product Counsel is passionate about launching great new consumer innovations! Please fill out the Inventor Form attached to our website to let us know whether we are a fit for you!

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